GROWN UP WEST children of the blackfeet reservation
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Dancers line up for Grand Entry at the Heart Butte Pow Wow
Blackfeet Indian Reservation
Mother Tiffany Polk prepares her daughter, Danaya Vandeburg for the Tiny Tot Competition
North American Indian Days
Browning, Montana
Blackfeet Reservation
Many families stay together in traditional teepees during the four-day festivities.
Heart Butte, Montana
Blackfeet Indian Reservation
Shawna Jiminez, Age 4 and mother Shawnee Skunkcap North American Indian Days, Browning, Montana Blackfeet Reservation
Food Vendor
Heart Butte Pow Wow,
Blackfeet Indian Reservation
Shawnna Jeminez (age 7)  relaxes with her family after the jingle dance competition at the Heart Butte Pow Wow.
Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Montana
Heart Butte Pow Wow, Heart Butte, 
Montana on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation
Dusk falls on the Heart Butte Pow Wow
Blackfeet Indian Reservation
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